The Importance Of Remarketing

The vast majority of visitors to an e-commerce website leave without “converting”, the industry term for engaging with the website to make a purchase, request more information, or take some other desired action.
Research has shown that the non-converting website visitors come to over 90 percent, and about half of visitors return to a site multiple times before making a purchase. A website can employ several strategies to improve conversion rates. The most effective strategy for most e-commerce sites, especially in the hotel industry, is remarketing.
Remarketing is the practice of marketing to targeting people who have previously shown interest in your business or website but have not taken any further action. Most website remarketing is conducted through automated emails, an unobtrusive method of gaining a potential customer’s attention.

The Benefits Of Remarketing

Higher conversion rate

Remarking targets people who have already visited your website, therefore they are more likely to purchase from you or complete the desired action.


Remarketing is an affordable and effective option compared to other forms of digital marketing such as PPC. Compared to other display campaigns, remarketing campaigns receive higher amounts of conversions at a much-lower cost per customer.


A remarketing campaign gives you total control over demographic targeting, enabling you to tailor your messages to precise market segments.

Brand Awareness

In remarketing messages your brand name will appear multiple times, reinforcing brand awareness and retention.


Remarketing is a common practice of OTA but it is rarely done by hotels themselves because of resource limitations. LoyalGuest remarketing solutions can help you boost conversions and boost brand awareness at a minimal cost.

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